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11/20/2012 Minutes

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    College of Micronesia – FSM

    Committee (Working Group) Minutes Reporting Form


    Committee or Working Group:

    Information Communication and Technology Committee



    Date: 11/20/2012

    Time: 3:00 PM

    Location:  Board Conf. Rm.



    Members Present:

    Members Absent:

     Shaun Suliol


     Cooper Etse


     Nelchor Permitez


     Monica Rivera


    Juvelina Rempis


     Dennis Gearhart


     David Johnson





    §  Mason Tihpen        

    §  Roger Arnold         

    §  Alan Alosima

    §  Gardner Edgar

    §  Alvin Sinem

    §  Kenson Santos

    §  Murphy Ribauw

    §  Darsy Augustine



    Additional Attendees:



    Agenda/Major Topics of Discussion: Election of Officers


    1.      Election of New Chair and Vice-Chair

    2.      Update on Terms of Reference.

    3.      New policy on Online College Catalog.

    4.      Other matters.



    Discussion of Agenda/Information Sharing:


    1.      Election of New Chair and Vice-Chair

    Peter Pedrus has resigned from COM-FSM so we need a new committee chair.

    Nelchor Permitez was elected new Chair.

    Cooper Etse was elected to Vice-Chair.

    It was suggested that in the future the Vice-Chair be from a COM-FSM site other than National.  No decision was made about this.



           2.  Terms of Reference

            Some uncertainty was expressed as whether or not we had finalized the terms of reference.  Shaun said he would find out.



    3.  Online Catalog

    COM-FSM will now publish the official catalog online and cease to produce a printed version.

    The committee needs to prepare a statement/policy regarding this change.

    It was suggested that hard copies be printed and distributed to locations where access to the internet is limited, such as outer islands, etc.


    4.  Some other matters…

    A faculty in Lang/Lit has requested that the COM-FSM college webpage contain a list of links to faculty webpages.  Shaun said this might be possible, but faculty will be responsible for maintaining their own content on webpages.






    Comments/Upcoming Meeting Date & Time/Etc.: Tues, December 4, 2012  at 3:00pm



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    College Web Site Link:



    Prepared by:

    Dennis Gearhart

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    Summary Decisions/Recommendations/Action Steps/Motions with Timeline & Responsibilities:



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