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9/6/2011 Minutes

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    College of Micronesia – FSM

    Committee (Working Group) Minutes Reporting Form


    Committee or Working Group:

    Information Communication and Technology Committee




    Date: 9/6/2011

    Time: 4:13 PM

    Location: Board Conf. Room





    Members Present:

    Members Absent:

    • Monica Rivera
    • Dennis Gearhart
    • Cooper Etse
    • Peter Pedrus
    •  Nelchor Permitez
    • Mason Tihpen
    • Gardner Edgar
    • Edper M. Castro
    • Rafael Pulmano


    Darsy Augustine    Shaun Suliol

    Roger Arnold         Phyllis Silbanuz

    Jake Sohlith            Kenson Santos

    Alvin Sinem           Alan Alosima

    Pius Mirey

    Renton Isaac


    Additional Attendees:

    Gordon Segal – Former ICT Chair


    Agenda/Major Topics of Discussion: Election of Officers




    Discussion of Agenda/Information Sharing:

    • Chair: Peter Pedrus

    Vice Chair: Nelchor Permitez

    Secretary: Monica Rivera


    • TOR will be turned over to Chair, who will disseminate them for further discussion.
    • Other members, mostly from state sites were unable to connect.  Emailed committee that they experienced a bad connection.


    Comments/Upcoming Meeting Date & Time/Etc.:

    • September 13, 2011

    To go over the TOR after reviewing.


    Handouts/Documents Referenced:



    College Web Site Link:



    Prepared by:

    Monica Rivera

    Date Distributed:



    Approval of Minutes Process & Responses:



    Submitted by:



    Date Submitted:




    Summary Decisions/Recommendations/Action Steps/Motions with Timeline & Responsibilities:



    Action by President: (this section will be filled in by the President’s staff reflecting the President’s decision regarding the recommendation from the various committees)

    Item numbers:


    Approved with conditions:




















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