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WiFi/SIS access discussion

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    Table of contents
    1. 1. Questions
    2. 2. IT Office responses
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    1. What happens between terms?
    2. What about Summer term? If they are registered for Fall, are they Good?
    3. How long before the term starts should their access be enabled?
    4. How about the gaps in between, how can we define them?
    5. Do they have to pay their registration fee first, before their access is enabled? or some other amount? or is being pre-registered enough?

    IT Office responses

    1. 1 before semester starts and 1 week after semester ends.
    2. We should treat each term the same so if they're not registered for Summer, then disable 1 week after Spring and enable one week before fall.
    3. 1 week
    4. We have our catalog to keep us on track regarding start and end dates.
    5. Pre-registration should be enough


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