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Batch Assess

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    Batch fee assessment process


    Report of current calculated and recorded fee assessment all students, by term and campus. This report can optionally apply the assessed fees directly to student accounts.

    The fee assessment amounts are shown in three columns; the amount currently recorded on a student's account, the current calculated assessment, and the difference. This allows for easy identification of accounts that need adjustment or re-assessment.

    Maintainer Business Office
    Source Accounts


    Term (required) - Registration term

    Campus (required) - Student campus

    Effective Date (optional) - Effective date for account entries. If not specified this will default to the later of the current date and the term start-date.

    Apply to accounts (default No) - Apply changes in fee assessment directly to student accounts? When selected, any difference between the current fee assessment and what currently appears on each student's account will be entered on each student's account.

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