Facilities and Campus Environment

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    Officer list
    Meeting schedule
    Minutes of the Facilities and Campus Environment Committee (Files section)

    Officers and Members 2016-2017

    Chair:                                                                Michael Muller
    Vice-Chair:                                                       Romino Victor
    Secretary:                                                         Ringlen Ringlen

    • Ex-Officio:_____________________Francisco Mendiola                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
    • Chuuk Maintenance:                              Benjamin Akkin
    • Chuuk Faculty:                                         Muity Nokar
    • Kosrae Campus Faculty:                      Teodoro Bueno
    • Kosrae Campus Faculty:_________ Murphy Ribauw
    • KC Staff Representative:                       Lanson Alik
    • National Campus Faculty:                    Don Beuden
    • National Campus Faculty:                    Reynaldo Garcia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        National Campus Faculty                     Rafael Pulmano
    • National Campus Faculty:________ Roldan Laquerta
    • National Campus Faculty:                    Ikoli Ilongo
    • National Staff LRC:                                Bruce Robert
    • National Staff IT:                                     Christopher Gilmete
    • National Maintenance:                          Amirihter Thozes
    • National Recreation:____________ Castro Joab
    • NC Residence Hall:                              Marlou Gorospe
    • NC Recreation:                                      Loatis Seneres
    • Pohnpei Faculty:                                    Cindy Pastor
    • Pohnpei Faculty:                                    Nestor Mangubat
    • Pohnpei Faculty:_______________ Jean Ranahan
    • PC Faculty Representative:                 Salba Silbanuz
    • PC Maintenance:                                   Bruno Barnabas
    • Yap Maintenance:                                  Moses Faimau
    • PC Staff Representative:_________ Edwin Sione
    • SBA Representative:                            TBA

    Meeting schedule


    13:00 Friday 04 March 2016 Board Conference Room Palikir
    13:00 Friday 15 April 2016 Board Conference Room Palikir

    13:00 Friday 19 August 2016 Board Conference Room Palikir

    13:00 Friday 16 September 2016 Board Conference Room Palikir
    13:00 Friday 14 October 2016 Board Conference Room Palikir


    The facilities fee: used to maintain, renovate, and power the facilities at the college. Facilities in action!

    Picture of the solar panel arrays going up at the college Picture of the parking lot, panel work done Ramp work begins 04 March 2013
    Solar panel project completes, ramp work begins!

    Satellite dish Power cable for water pump Heavy rains
    Installing the CARIPAC funded satellite dish on the roof, pulling power cable for water pump, heavy rain overloads drain system

    retiling the cafeteria floor
    Retiling the cafeteria floor at the national site

    FSM China Friendship Center Work on septic tank Reach out local meeting in national campus dining hall
    New floor sees action, septic tank work, reach out local meeting

    FSM China Friendship Center FSM China Friendship Center
    Reach out local meeting, new gate is installed during work on the FSM-China Friendship Sports Center

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