Facilities and Campus Environment

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    This page was originally designated as a page private to committee members for the sharing of documents. In practice the committee has moved documents via email. Only the official minutes page is active for this committee. Please refer to that page for information on committee activities.

    Members for AY 19-20 are as follows:


    Chair Bruce Robert (NC)
    Vice-Chair Bruno Barnabas (CTEC)
    Secretary Amerihter Thozes (NC)
    CTEC Faculty Rep Salba Silbanuz (CTEC)
    CTEC Faculty Rep Ben Voltaire Nato (CTEC)
    CTEC Faculty Rep Charles Aiseam (CTEC)
    CC Proj. Manager Benjamin Akkin(CC)
    CC Media Tech. Edson Asito (CC)
    NC Admin Services Alfred Olter
    KC Staff Teodoro Bueno (KC)
    KC Faculty Rep Tara Y. Tara (KC)
    KC Staff Maver Jonathan (KC)
    FMI Rep Francis Lubumad
    YC Staff Moses Faimau (YC)
    CTEC S&R Edwin Sione
    NC S&R Terry Marcus
    NC Residence Halls Marlou Gorospe
    NC Admin Services Francisco Mendiola
    NC Faculty Rep Donald Buden
    NC Faculty Rep Reynaldo Garcia
    NC Faculty Rep Magdalena Hallers
    NC Faculty Rep Michael Muller
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