Facilities and Campus Environment

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    The Facilities and Campus Environment Committee advises  the Director of Maintenance, Facilities, and Security, the Vice President for Administration, and the President on matters relating to facilities planning, campus beautification, infrastructure maintenance, disaster preparedness, and safety, security and accessibility issues.


    Chair    Dana Lee Ling
    Vice Chair    Alfred Olter
    Secretary    Cindy Pastor
    Technology wrangler    Amerihter Thozes
    Chuuk faculty    Florente Ygana
    Chuuk CRE coordinator Elfriede Suda
    FSM-FMI    Peni Nailati
    FSM-FSM    Chris Igem
    Kosrae faculty    Nestor E Acosta
    Kosrae faculty    Virenda Verma
    National Staff    Bruce Robert
    National faculty    Don Buden
    National faculty    Kitty Pappas
    National faculty    Paul Gallen
    National faculty    Raynaldo Garcia
    National faculty    Roldan Laguerta
    National staff    Eugene Edmund
    Pohnpei     Albert Amson
    Pohnpei faculty    Romino Victor
    Pohnpei faculty    Salba Silbanuz
    Pohnpei staff    Benjamin Akkin
    Pohnpei staff    Lucilla Robert
    Yap researcher    Murukesan Krishnapillai
    Yap staff    Moses Faimau


    A proposed campus environment framework for policies.

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