Finance Committee

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    Welcome to the Finance Committee Page!
    Chair Cirilo Recana (CTEC)
    Vice-Chair Skipper Ittu (KC)
    Secretary Arinda Halbert (NC)
    CRE Rep Sonny Padock (NC)
    CTEC Faculty Rep Romino Victor
    CC Accountant Marie M. Pitiol 
    CC Faculty Rep Herner Braiel
    NC Admin Services Ritchie Valencio
    KC Staff Alik J. Phillip
    KC Staff Eileen N. Nena
    FMI Staff Clotilda Dugwen
    YC staff Rosemary Manna
    CTEC FAO Yoneko Kanichy
    CTEC BO Leyolany S. Anson
    KC Faculty Mary Sigrah
    NC Faculty Rep John Haglelgam
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