Information and Communications Technology Committee

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    Welcome to the Information and Communications Technology Committee (ICT) wiki page.

    DISCLAIMER: The messages and content contained herein is intended for the members of the Information and Communications Technology Committee (ICT). Its contents may be confidential, privileged or otherwise protected. Any unauthorized use, disclosure or copying of this message or its contents is prohibited.


    Current members for 2021-2022 are as followed;

    Chair Edper Castro 
    Vice-Chair Ken Petrus 
    Secretary Danilo Ibarrola 
    CTEC Faculty Rep Nelchor Permitez
    CC Faculty Rep Atkin Buliche
    CC System Spec. John Dungawin
    NC Admin Services Eugene Edmund
    KC Staff Renton Isaac
    KC Faculty Rep Hiroki Noda
    KC Faculty Rep Penina Tulensaru
    YC Staff Berton Miginidad
    YC Faculty Raymond Permitez
    NC OARR Vasantha Senarathgoda
    NC Faculty Rep Mike Dema
    NC Faculty Rep Dennis Gearhart
    CTEC Faculty Rep Phyllis Silvanuz
    NC Staff Chris Gilimete
    LRC Rep Juvelina Recaña
    1. Terms of Reference - Original, not yet revised

    Revised - 02/15/12 - View online/ Download


    1. Minutes


       3.    Technology Policy - working draft


    1. Tech. Policy and TOR Assignment
    2. Communications Survey - Draft
    3. Purchase ENDORESMENT - National and Chuuk campus computer lab bids
    4. Purchase ENDORSEMENT - Kosrae LRC
    5. Discussion of access for students to WiFi/SIS
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