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    There are 5 vendors bidding for this 

    IT Office has informed me that Topher Konsulting and Pacific Technology in Hawaii meet the minimum specifications.  


    1. Progressive Computer Services, INC. - Off-island

    2. MicroPC - On-island

    3. Topher Konsulting Service - Off-island

    4.Pacifc Technology - Off-island



    1. One proforma for the 2 orders 

    2. One proforma for the 2 orders

    3. Two proformas for the 2 orders - Estimate107/ Estimate 108

    4. Two proformas for the 2 orders - 321121/ 321122




    The others did not have the right battery model/type. Please use the information provided to vote on this page to which of the 2 vendors, Topher Konsulting or

    Pacific Technology in Hawaii.  The other vendors are provided for your information.  Please put a "X" on what vendor you endorse.




    Topher Konsulting

    Pacific Technogy

    Committee Chair

    Peter Petrus



    Committee Vice-Chair

    Nelchor Permitez




    Monica Rivera



    National Faculty Rep.

    Mason Tihpen



    National Faculty Rep.

    Rafael Pulmano



    National Faculty Rep.

    Edper Castro



    National Faculty Rep.

    Dennis Gerhart



    National Faculty Rep.

    Darsy Augustine



    Pohnpei Campus Faculty Rep

    Gardner Edgar



    Pohnpei Campus Faculty Rep

    Phyllis Silbanuz



    Pohnpei Campus Faculty Rep

    Cooper Este



    Pohnpei Campus Faculty Rep

    Kenson Santos



    Pohnpei Campus Faculty Rep

    Alan Alosima



    Pohnpei Campus Faculty Rep

    George Magagnon



    Kosrae Campus Faculty Rep

    Murphy Ribauw



    Chuuk Campus Faculty Rep

    Roger Arnold



    FMI Rep

    Jake Sohlith



    FMI Rep

    Alvin Sinem



    Yap Staff

    Pius Mirey




    Shuan Suliol



    Kosrae IT

    Renton Isaac



    National Staff Juvelina Rempis    
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