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    E.                Meetings


    Meetings are held at least quarterly.  The schedule is determined at the beginning of each academic term.  The chairperson may call special meetings or upon consent of the majority of the members reschedule the regular meetings.  Meetings may be held face-to-face or via teleconferences or other communication technologies.  Twenty-five percent of members present constitute a quorum for discussion purposes.  A majority vote of all members is required to act on a motion.   Electronic voting may be utilized when necessary.  Results of electronic voting are to be documented in the next committee meeting minutes. 



    F.                 Responsibilities


    The responsibilities of the Information Communications Technology Committee are to:


    ·      Develop or revise policies and/or procedures assigned to or identified by the committee;

    ·      Advise on request for usage of technology fee funds;

    ·      Develop and maintain the technology plan for the COM-FSM system;

    ·      Coordinate information and communications technology provisions throughout the College to maximize its effectiveness;

    ·      Recommend career development and training needs of ICT support personnel

    ·      Recommend the information communications technology resources required to implement the Colleges strategic plan; and

    ·      Review and recommend a preferred vendor list for technology purchases for the College.

    ·      Review assessments/evaluations of information technology services and make recommendations.

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