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    Welcome to the Management Team wiki page

    The current members are:

    Danny Dumantay Business Office
    Eddie Haleyalig Financial Aid Office
    Engly Ioanis Cooperative Research and Extension
    Francisco Mendiola Facilities and Maintenance
    Gordon Segal Information Technology
    Grilly Jack Career and Technical Education
    Jennifer Hainrick Learning Resource Center
    Jimmy Hicks Institutional Research and Planning
    Joey Oducado Recruitment, Admissions and Retention
    Joseph Saimon Community Relations
    Kalwin Kephas Kosrae Campus
    Karen Simion Instructional Affairs
    Kind Kanto Chuuk Campus
    Lore Nena Student Services
    Lourdes Roboman Yap Campus
    Mathias Ewarmi FMI
    Penselynn Sam Counseling
    Rencelly Nelson Human Resources
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