Voting- 1/24/2013 Meeting Minutes

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    PRC Members, please mark X in the ‘Yes’ column if you approve the minutes or mark X in the ‘No’ column if you do not approve the minutes.

    Direct Link to the Minutes is here:

    Minutes of January 24th 2013 Meeting









    William Haglelgam




    Jean Ranahan



    Vice Chair

    Brian Lynch



    National Faculty Rep.

    Dr. Womack



    National Faculty Rep.

    Joe Felix



    Pohnpei Campus Faculty Rep.

    Cirilo Recana



    Pohnpei Campus Staff Rep.

    Cindy Edwin



    FMI Rep.

    Augustino Sanemai



    FMI Rep.

    Joseph Falmed



    FMI Rep.

    Benjamin James



    CRE Rep.

    Verma Virendra Mohan



    Yap Campus staff Rep.

    Geraldine Mitagyow



    Kosrae Campus Faculty Rep.

    Tara Y. Tara



    Kosrae Campus Faculty Rep.

    Skipper Ittu



    Yap Campus Faculty Rep.

    Raymond Permitez



    National Campus Faculty Rep

    Kasiano Paul



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