Balance Due Hold

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    Report to manage balance due holds on student accounts

    Summary Manages balance due holds on student accounts, creating new holds when an account is past-due or removing an existing hold when an account is no longer past-due
    Maintainer Business Office
    Source Accounts


    Minimum amount due for hold (default $0.00) - Minimum balance on account for it to be considered past-due (inclusive)

    Latest term past-due (optional) - Restricts considered account entries to those up to (and including) a specific term.

    Student Campus (optional) - Limits the process to students last enrolled at a specific campus. If not specified, all students are checked for holds.

    Notes for hold  - Description to be used when creating a new hold.

    Re-establish previously cleared holds (default No) - If a balance due hold exists but has been cleared, should a new hold be created if the account is currently past-due? Running the report with this unchecked allows students to register for classes after having applied for amnesty from the past-due balance (for example). If the report is run with this checked, new holds will be created for any account with a past-due balance, ignoring any previously cleared.

    Show all current balance due holds (default No) - This report normally only shows newly created holds, or those being removed. Checking this will cause the report show all current balance due holds, regardless of whether they are being changed.


    This report will typically be run only once per term with Re-establish previously cleared holds checked. This allows holds to remain cleared and for normal processing of the student to continue.

    Latest term past-due should always be term prior to the current registration term. If the current (or no) term is supplied, any assessed fees will cause accounts to be considered past-due if financial aid hasn't been applied to the account.

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