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    Each user who creates entries on student accounts simultaneously creates or modifies a cashiering session. These sessions are used to organize and manage account entries in a way that allows verification and adjustment, and to control the flow of information to an external accounting system (MIP).

    Sessions are numbered sequentially for each user, and progress through a series of states:

    • Open - New account entries will be added to open cashiering sessions
    • Closed - Only adjusting entries are allowed, entered on the Adjustment form. If the same cashier creates new account entries, another cashiering session will be created.
    • Cleared - After the entries in a session have been verified, it is marked as "cleared." Adjustments are no longer possible and the session can now be released for export to an external accounting system.
    • Released - Available for export to an external accounting system

    Three forms are used for cashiering session management, and can be found in the "Supervisor" menu under A/R:

    • Open Sessions - Review, close, and clear cashiering sessions. This form shows only sessions that have not been cleared.
    • Adjustment - Create an adjusting entry on an account, within a closed session. This is the only form that allows account entries to be added to a closed cashiering session.
    • Session Review - Information and reports for cleared cashiering sessions are available from this form. These sessions are no longer visible on the Open Sessions form.
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