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    Refund check entry and printing

    Summary Modify, print or void checks in a batch generated by financial aid awards posted to student accounts, or refund requests from the Account by Term or Term Fee Assessment forms.
    Maintainer Business Office
    Source Financial Aid, Business Office
    Affects A/R accounts
    Affected By Financial Aid Award Batch form

    By default only batches that need printed (are not complete) will show in the key block of the form. Checking "Complete" will display batches that have already been printed and marked complete. This may be necessary if checks need voided and the batch was complete.

    Any posting of financial aid awards will create a batch of checks for the user performing the posting. Until the batch is printed (and marked complete) new entries will be added to an existing batch.

    When printing checks an ending check number is not required and would typically only be specified if the supply of checks is limited and you wish the printing to stop when a certain check number is reached. The remainder of the batch could then be printed by entering a new starting number and requesting printing again. Checks are printed by campus.

    Marking checks as VOID requires a starting and ending check number.

    When all entries in the check batch have either a check number or a zero balance, the batch is considered complete and the indicator on the form will be updated to reflect this state. A check batch can not be manually marked as complete.

    A check register is available when the batch is complete.


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