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    Tuition and fee rates by term

    Summary Detailed information on each fee that students might pay, including the amount, how it's calculated or refunded, and the transaction code used to record the fee on student accounts
    Maintainer Business Office
    Source General Catalog
    Affects Fee assessment - each term's tuition and fees must be defined in this form prior to utilizing fee assessment.
    Affected By

    ACTIVITY, COURSE, DORM, HEALTH, MEALOFF, MEALON, REG, TECH, and TUITION fees are used by Fee Assessment and calculation of each student's charges.

    TRAN defines the amount to be charged for official transcripts. It is assessed when a transcript request indicates a charge is to be made.

    Basis must be one of (C) Per-credit, (F) Flat rate, or (O) Per-course. Other basis codes are not valid for defining term fees.

    Requirements Codes in this table are used by the fee assessment process. If changes are required, the programatic portion of fee assessment must be updated concurrently or the fee assessment process will fail.

    Rate can be specified where the amount or refunding differ by student or course rate code. If a student or course rate doesn't match a specified rate, the row without a rate specified will be used by default.

    One entry for the "COURSE" fee must be defined, although the amount and transaction are ignored when calculating refunds (supply 0.00 and any valid transaction code). Values from the course catalog (on the Course Fees form) are used instead.

    Fees defined for a prior term can be copied to a new term using the Copy from Term field. After specifying the new Term, supply a Copy from Term with similar fees and click Copy. Fees from the Copy from Term will be copied into the form (as new rows) for editing.


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