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    Value-level security information

    Summary Defines codes for information used for value-level security
    Maintainer Information Technology
    Source Form developers
    Affects Form Object security
    Affected By  
    Values Value Class: (M) Multi-valued, (S) Single-valued (these are also used on the Comparison form)
    Requirements Defined codes must be programatically created in the Session object within the server-side code. Definitions for each code are noted below.










    Token Description
    ADVISEE Student is currently an advisee of an instructor
    CAMPUS Current campus, determined from account, instructor, or registration records (in that order of preference)
    INSTRUCTOR An active instructor
    RSTUDENT Recent student (within last six months)
    SECTIONINS An instructor with section assignments
    STUDENT Current student
    RTERM Recent term (within last year)
    CTERM Student's most current term (for use with tables that reference student's by identity)
    UCTERM Student user's most current term (checks records for the currently signed in user)
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