A/R Term Processes

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    Managing A/R for each term involves a number of actions. Some are required, such as describing the fees that will be calculated during Fee Assessment activities, while others are optional or can be performed repeatedly during each term. The following sections describe these actions and how they fits into each term's processing.


    Create and manage past-due balance holds

    When: Prior to registration for an upcoming term

    Uses: Balance due hold report


    Collect and record Registration Fee

    When: Before and during registration

    Uses: Account by Term form


    Configure Term Fees

    When: Before any fee assessment occurs

    Uses: Term Fees form


    Assess Fees (for all students)

    When: After Regular Registration and Late Registration

    Uses: Batch Assess report


    Assess Fees (for individual students)

    When: Any time verification of current fee assessment is required

    Uses: Fee Assessment form


    Print Refund Checks

    When: After Late Registration, based on posting of Financial Aid to student accounts

    Uses: Check Batch form


    Check Non-payment status

    When: At deadline for fee payment

    Uses: Non-Payment report


    Check Registration Activity

    When: Periodically after Late Registration ends

    Uses: Regist. Activity report (Registration/Reports)

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