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    The class schedule describes the list of courses that are available for registration each term. It is based on courses from the Course Catalog and includes scheduling information such as where and when classes meet, and who the instructors are. Prior to building a class schedule, instructor (Faculty) and room information must be defined.

    Buildings and Rooms

    Information on buildings and rooms doesn't change very often, but must be defined before the class schedule can be created. It only needs updated when new buildings or rooms are added, or existing rooms are removed or repurposed.

    Information on Buildings should be entered first. These records are used to organize rooms by where they are physically located, but don't affect how rooms are assigned. This information is intended to help a student locate a room, so the description should sufficiently describe the building. Building records are organized by campus, so the codes and descriptions don't need to re-state the campus.

    Each room used for instruction must be defined before it can be assigned to a section. Room data includes campus, the building the room is located in, a description of the room, and its capacity. Much like Building records, rooms records include campus, so the codes used to identify rooms don't need to re-state the campus.

    The room assigned to a section must be on the same campus as the section.


    The class schedule is built by creating sections, term- and campus-specific instnaces of courses that students can enroll in. Each section is identified by a combination of four key values; term, subject, course number, and a section number. The subject and course number come directly from the Course Catalog. The section number

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