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    1. 1. Identity
      1. 1.1. ID Numbers

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    Although the amount of information maintained for for this area is quite small, no other area is used as much as this one. Everyone who exists in the database, students, faculty, even users of the database, must first be defined as a person with a name and an ID number.


    A name and ID number together form a person's identity. It's very important, however, that even if a person's name changes, or they request that their ID number be changed, that their identity stay the same.

    Equally important is that each person has only one identity. If we fail to locate someone's existing name and ID and create a second one, it is very difficult to draw these two identities back together again.

    ID Numbers

    Rather than use a number provided by the student, each person is assigned a system-generated seven-digit ID number when their identity is created. Doing this avoids the legal issues with using SSN, or the long-term problems of using parts of the person's name, which often changes.


    Changes to name happen somewhat regularly...

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