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    Recently completed development within the SIS and related systems

    Date Created Type Module Description Assigned To Last Action
    01 Apr 2013 Enhancement Common Configuration for emailMaintenance script needs moved to external file (to prevent alteration during updates); see List Wrapper for example K. Girrard 12 Jun 2013
    Completed, installed
    20 May 2013 Enhancement Student Transcript data extract; need to run by range of dates (official transcript requests only) K. Girrard 12 Jun 2013
    Report already exists; added access
    11 Jun 2013 Bug All Caching of suggest responses fails to retreive additional values when needed (e.g. "Donre, Merlinda" in ID Number search); boundary condition check not correct? K. Girrard 12 Jun 2013
    Fixed in RemoteSuggestions.js
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