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    This page is devoted to concerns and issues raised by faculty and staff from the different campuses of the College of Micronesia-FSM.


    On Summer Contract Pay

    On Proposed Payday - Controller proposes to consolidate into one day only and to change the payday schedule from Wednesday to Friday (2012)

    On Part-Time Faculty Salary – Concern from a part-time instructor from Pohnpei Campus (2012)

    On Salary Freeze – Concerns from All Campuses (2012)

    On Seat Cost Computation – Prof. Rafael Pulmano shared some of his ideas on this issue (2012)

    On Streamlining – Concerns and Issues From Chuuk, Yap and FMI Campuses (2011)


    NOTE: The ✔ mark in the title above indicates that this concern had already been addressed or the issue had been resolved.

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