Student Success Committee

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    Welcome to the Student Success Commitee Page!

    Members for AY 2020-2021 are as follows;


    Chair Francis Alex (NC)
    Vice-Chair Wilson Bisalen (CC)
    Secretary Cindy Edwin (CTEC)
    Ex-Officio (Acting Director of Student Life) Chelsea Rion
    CTEC Facutly Rep Brigeen Lawrence
    CTEC Facutly Rep Nestor Mangubat
    CC Faculty Rep Ben Bambo Sr.
    CC Facutly Rep V-Three Raisom
    KC Student ServIces Arthur Jonas
    KC Faculty Rep. Rosalinda Bueno
    KC Faculty Rep. Frehiwot Teshome
    KC Facutly Rep Skipper Ittu
    FMI Student Services Rufus Yaisolug
    YC Student Services Cecilia Dibay
    YC Staff Susan Guarin
    NC Health Benina Ilon
    NC Counseling Nixon Soswa
    NC Admin Services Sinobu Lebehn
    NC Faculty Mike Ioanis
    NC Faculty Jothy John
    NC Faculty Yvonne Gallen
    SBA Chuuk Rep Karlein Henzel
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