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Appendix A. Contact and emergency information lists

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    Contact Information on the following:

    College Insurers
    College Bank affiliates
    College Insurance Agents


    College Attorney(s)
    Governor's Office
    Members of the Board of Trustees

    Vice President of Administration

    Media Contacts

    Director of CommunityRelations

    Home address, telephone and emergency contact information for:

    All Students by Resident/Commuter


    All Faculty, Staff and Administrators

    Human Resources

    Available information on all campus buildings including:

    Access/Egress (who has keys for what)
    Locations of electrical closets, valves, gas lines,
    Fire and Smoke Alarms
    Functions performed in the building
    Storage or existence of Hazardous Materials
    Particularly valuable items or data
    Special resources available (e.g. food supplies, evacuation space)

    Facilities and Security

    Computer lines, telephone hubs


    Number of rooms and residents in each residence hall

    Director of Student Life

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