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Appendix B. Primary and Secondary Storage sites

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    Emergency supplies will be maintained on each site of the college in a secure yet accessible location.

    Stored at these sites are the following materials:

    • Battery-Operated Lighting

    • Bull horn(s)

    • Emergency Medical Equipment Bag

    • First Aid Kit(s)

    • Sign-Making Material

    • Tape/Tacks/Rope

    • Food and Water

    In addition, the national site will maintain a second set of these materials in each dormitory.

    [Editor's note: the original list included a generator and pump. But a generator, even a small one, requires storing gasoline, which would be problematic for many secure, accessible locations (the administration offices, the dormitory). These caches should be strictly emergency supplies. A campus should have small, portable back-up generators, but not necessarily stored with the above materials.]

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