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Lesson 01: Introduction

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    Class# 1 Introduction                         ? Jan. 11-15, 2016

    •  Read Syllabus and complete the quiz located in the files at the bottom of this page by Jan. 15, 2016. Email the quiz to your instructor Karen Simion at:

    •  Create a Flickr account to post your class work on (instructions included).

    •  Invite all your classmates and the instructor to be your contacts.  (The instructor will email you the class list.)

    •  Buy Required Materials for AR101 course (listed below)


    •  3 Drawing pencils

    •  Sanford kneaded erasers (or alternative eraser if sold out)

    •  Strathmore Sketchbook Pad (9 x 12)

    •  Bienfang Water Color Bad (11 x 15)

    •  Crayola Colored Pencils

    •  Access to a Cell phone with camera that you can download from if possible

    •  1 folder to keep loose work in

    •  Pencil sharpener

    •  Ruler

    •  Black ink pen


    • Draw large. Use the entire space specified by the assignment (whole page, entire square, entire rectangle). It is okay for objects to not fit entirely on the page in some cases.
    • Read ALL directions carefully.
    • Review the rubric before completing the assignment.
    • Allow the entire week to complete the assignment, don't wait until Thursday evening. Most projects cannot be completed in one day.
    • Once you learn about an element or principal of art, continue using the element or principal in each successive assignment.


    Fill out the art survey and complete the quiz. Email both to the instructor at the email below by Jan. 15, 2016:??

    Instructor Karen Simion:

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