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Lesson 16: Final for AR101

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    Class #16:  Final for AR 101        May 2-6, 2016


    Materials needed:  Any of the materials used in the class this semester.


    CSLO 4.1: Produce a final piece of artwork selecting the appropriate material and composition for the project.


    CSLO 4.2:  Critique the final project discussing choice of materials, composition, and technique as well as the elements and principles of art in writing and/or oral presentation.


    Gen. Ed.  PSLO 2.1:  Demonstrate the ability for independent thought and expression


    ISLO 4: Problem solving: Capacity to design, evaluate, and implement a strategy to answer an open-ended question or achieve a desired goal.


    Your final exam for this class is to produce one last project that reflects on all that you have learned this semester.  Take a look at all the assignments you have completed over the semester.  What are your strengths and interests? Select your favorite assignment(s) and develop it into a well developed final project.

    ·       Design an art project of your choice based one or more of the assignments you have completed this semester.  The project should illustrate all that you have learned about art this semester.

    ·       Select your materials and technique and plan the composition.

    ·       Review the rubric for this assignment as part of your preparation for making your decisions.

    ·       Complete the project, scan and post to your Flickr page.

    ·       Secondly, write a critique of your final project discussing:

    o    why you chose the materials you did

    o   how you determined the composition

    o   what techniques you used

    o   how you used the elements of art (line, shape, space, color)

    o   how you used the principals of art (balance, rhythm, proportion)

    ·       Email the written critique to the instructor at


    After you have finished your final project you should scan it and upload it onto your Flickr page.   In the Flickr “Description” panel be sure to include that this is your final project.  The final project should be uploaded to your Flickr page by the May 6th.  Any work that has not been uploaded by that time will NOT be accepted. Be sure to complete the "Student Rating" section of the rubric for this assignment.  The rubric is found in the files at the bottom of this page. Email the rubric to the instructor at

    This concludes the classes for AR101.  If you have any questions regarding the material or assignment please email your instructor at

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