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FCE Attendance

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    FCE Committee Attendance for 2014-2015

    Member 22 Aug 14 19 Sep 14 17 Oct 14 14 Nov 14 12 Dec 14 09 Jan 14 06 Feb 14 06 Mar 14
    Dana Lee Ling (chair) Yes Yes * Yes yes yes yes  
    Ringlen Ringlen (VC) Yes yes * Yes yes no yes  
    Jean Ranahan (secretary) Yes yes   Yes yes yes yes  
    Benjamin Akkin No yes   Yes yes yes yes  
    Florante Ygana returning member no   No no yes yes  
    Don Buden Yes yes * Yes yes yes yes  
    Reynaldo Garcia Yes yes * No no no yes  
    Roldan Laguerta Yes yes * No yes yes no  
    Michael Mueller Yes yes * Yes yes yes yes


    Bruce Robert Yes yes * No no yes no  
    Christopher Gilmete Yes yes   Yes yes yes no


    Fredson Ardos         no no no  

    Cindy Pastor

    Yes yes   Yes yes yes yes  
    Alfred Olter No budgetmeet   Yes no yes yes  
    Moses Faimau Yes yes   Yes no no yees  
    Romino Victor Yes workshop   Yes yes yes yes  
    Christopher Igem No no   No no no yes  
    Palik Sigrah No no   No no no no  
    Hiroki Noda No no   No no no no  
    Kalwin Kephas (ex officio KC) email updates only email updates only   email no no yes  
    Francisco Mendiola (official ex officio) Yes yes * Yes yes no yes  
    Warren Ching No     Yes no no yes  
    Darla Simina No forum   Yes yes no yes  
    Verma         no no yes  
    Nestor Mangubat         yes yes no  
    Salba Silbanuz         no no yes  
    Bruno Barnabas         yes yes yes  
    Castro Joab         no no no  
    Marlou Gorospe         no no no  
    Ikoli Ilongo         no yes yes  
    Rafael Pulmano         yes yes yes  
    Edmund Woguth         no no yes  
    Paul Gallen         yes no yes  
    Nokar Miuty         yes   yes  

    * This was a special "reach out local meeting," each site will have their own attendance.

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