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    College of Micronesia-FSM


    Council of Chairs

    Terms of Reference



    A.        Authority


    The Council of Chairs operates through the authority of and reports directly to the President.



    B.        Purpose


    The Council of Chairs is a direct link to the President for reporting and discussion of critical issues facing the different committee and facilitating a continuous flow of information in both directions.  It also serves as a way for committee chairs to update each other on the activities of each of the standing committees.  



    C.        Membership


    The members of the Council of Chairs are:

    Chair of the Planning and Resources Committee

    Chair of the Facilities and Campus environment Committee

    Chair of the Human Resources Committee

    Chair of the Curriculum and Assessment Committee

    Chair of the Finance Committee 

    Chair of the Information communication and Technology Committee

    Chair of the Retention Admission and Recruitment Committee

    President of COM (ex-officio member)



    Responsibilities of committee members are to:


    ·         Promote informed decision-making of all leaders, managers, faculty, and staff;

    ·         Encourage planning and evidence-oriented behavior at all levels of the organization; 

    ·         Regularly prepare for and attend committee meetings;

    ·         Actively participate in meetings;

    ·         Keep their respective committees informed of the activities and discussion of the Council of Chairs through a variety of communications media;

    ·         Bring information from their respective areas to the committee;



    D.        Organization


    A Chairperson is elected by the committee to serve a one-year term. The responsibilities of the chairperson are to:


    ·         Preside over meetings;

    ·         Ensure that the terms of reference for the committee are met and matters brought before the committee are judiciously addressed;

    ·         Prepare and distribute the agenda prior to each meeting;

    ·         Ensure committee minutes, reports, and recommendations are completed and appropriately disseminated in a timely manner;

    ·         Forward committee recommendations to the appropriate person(s) and/or committees as deemed relevant.


    A Vice Chairperson is elected by the committee to serve a one-year term.  The responsibilities of the vice chairperson are to:


    ·         Preside over meetings in the absence of the chair;

    ·         Assist the chairperson with the above responsibilities.


    A Secretary is elected by the committee to serve a one-year term.  The responsibilities of the secretary are to:


    ·         Take and prepare accurate minutes;

    ·         Distribute and post the minutes within three working days;

    ·         Record attendance of committee members and electronic votes.

    ·         Assist the chairperson with the above responsibilities.



    E.        Meetings


    Meetings:  Meetings are held at least once a month or as needed.  The schedule is determined at the beginning of each academic term.  The chairperson may call special meetings, or upon consent of the majority of the members, reschedule the regular meetings.  Four members present constitute a quorum for discussion purposes. Comments through the wiki-page are considered participation and will be reflected in the minutes.


    Decision making:  The committee works on a consensus basis.  If consensus cannot be reached and voting is necessary, a majority vote of all members is required to act on a motion.  Electronic voting may be utilized when necessary.  Results of electronic voting are to be documented in the next committee meeting minutes. 

    Other: Vice-presidents, directors and coordinators can be called to attend meetings as needed.


    F.         Responsibilities


    The responsibilities of the Council of Chairs are to:


    ·      Develop a culture of planning and evidence as a basic responsibility of all leaders, managers, faculty and staff to ensure planning, evidence-oriented behavior, accountability and transparency occurs at all levels of the organization;

    ·      Provide an alternate path for information to reach the president besides through cabinet;

    ·      Communicate with their respective committees on all recommendations made with the Council of Chairs.


    G.        Communication & Distribution of Information


    Agenda items may be submitted to the chairperson by other members, other committees, or the President or VP.  The chairperson compiles the agenda and forwards it to committee members prior to meetings. 


    All meetings are to have minutes which are to be distributed electronically (wiki) within three working days of the meeting to members for their review.  Members are to comment within the subsequent three working days.  Voting for all minutes will take place on the wiki-page, and are officially adopted at the next meeting.  The Secretary then distributes the official minutes to all committee members, the President, and the COM-FSM community.  All minutes will be published on the open wiki-page after approval from the Council of Chairs.



    H.        Representation by Proxy


    If prevented from attending, committee chairs shall ask the vice chair of their respective committee to attend the Council of Chairs meeting.

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