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Social Networking

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    A group of Faculty and Staff met  to discuss the tremendous increase in our Fall 2013 Midterm Deficiency List. According to this group, excessive number of absences was one of the major causes, and we all know that students engagement with social networking is a contributing factor. (See minutes)


    This page is temporarily created for you to share your ideas on how we should control the use of social networking sites. The group suggests that an additional 1 hour be added to our tutors' contract so each tutor will spend another hour in the lab after fulfilling  his/her daily tutoring schedule. The presence of Tutors, IT staff, or volunteered individuals in the computer lab should and would help enforce our lab rules if we are to limit users on social networking sites. For example: 10 of 30 units will be allowed for FB or FB is allowed only from 1 - 5pm.

    To help you with this dicussion and to come prepared with solutions for this topic for the next All Campus Meeting, please consider the following facts:

    • Each IP(user) has a limited bandwidth of 128kbps.
    • Social network sites and youtube are rate limited from 8am to 5pm. Such sites receive less priority during this time period.
    • E-logging is not to be considered due to its complications (network related issues)
    • FB cannot be blocked because others use it as an educational tool, therefore is a Supervisor's responsibility to control.
    • Students pay $100 for tech fee so they have the right to complain.
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