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IDP Group

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    IDP Courses and subgroups

    Summary Defines groups of courses (or other IDP Groups) that describe requirements of degree programs.
    Maintainer Office of Admissions and Records
    Source Office of Admissions and Records
    Affects IDP Programs, IDP Report generation
    Affected By  
    Values Operator: (A) And, (O) Or


    Term Effective defines when this group takes effect. For many groups the special code of '0000.0' may suffice.

    Use of an appropriate IDP Group Type is critical, based on how program-specific the group of courses is. Use the highest priorty type that is reasonable.

    If Credits for the group are empty, the Operator determines how the group is identified as complete.

    The Operators can be interpreted as:

    • Or - Any listed course or group
    • And - All listed courses and groups


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