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Open Sessions

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    Close and clear cashiering sessions

    Summary Displays all open and uncleared cashiering sessions, and a summary of each session's entries. Sessions can be closed (to prevent additional account entries from becoming part of a session) and cleared (to indicate it is eliglble to be fed to MIP) from this form.
    Maintainer Business Office
    Source Any form or process that creates entries on A/R accounts; a session is automatically created if an open session doesn't exist for the user making account entries. All subsequent entries by the same user are added to that session until it is marked as closed.
    Affects Open or uncleared cashiering sessions
    Affected By   
    Requirements Sessions must be closed before they can be cleared (the change indicating a session is closed must be submitted to the database prior to indicating that the session is cleared).

    A detail report of transactions within a session is available from this form. While a session is closed but not cleared, adjustments within the session can be made with the Adjustment form.

    Application of payments occurs immediately after sessions are cleared.


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