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Admin Intranet

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    • What makes a good Intranet?

      MindTouch Intranets tightly integrate projects, content management, teams and search into a single out of the box intranet solution.

      MindTouch Intranet

      Leverage user contributions to build your intranet and establish community champions.

    • Authentication

      Authentication with MindTouch is flexible and powerful. MindTouch enables you to leverage your existing authentication providers such as LDAP/AD for a seamless single-sign-on experience.


      add authentication

      Intranet Setup

      Setting up your intranet is a snap. Set up team and department pages, dashboards and projects with just a few clicks.

      Use MindTouch permissions to grant users access to specific hierarchies.

    • User / Role Management

      User management with MindTouch is easy, extensive and versatile. Create new users, roles and groups in the control panel.

      user manager

      Permissions and Privacy

      Need to keep something to yourself? Privacy with MindTouch is easy and secure.

      1. Go to the page you wish to protect
      2. Click More > Restrict Access
      3. Select the appropriate restriction level

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