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    "Perhaps what you measure is what you get. More likely, what you measure is all you'll get. What you don't (or can't) measure is lost." – H. Thomas Johnson

    Not everything that can be measured matters, not everything that matters can be measured. A variation on a quote misattributed to Albert Einstein, may have been William Bruce Cameron. Modified by page editor.


    Titles Name
    DAP, Chair Maria Dison
    IC National Campus Joseph Felix, Jr.
    IC Chuuk Campus Kind Kanto
    IC CTEC Taylor Elidok
    IC Kosrae Campus George Tilfas
    IC Yap Campus (Acting) Joy Guarin
    Faculty member, NC Dana Lee Ling
    Faculty member, NC Peltin Olter-Pelep
    VPIEQA Caroline Kocel
    Registrar Doman Daoas
    DFAO Faustino Yarofasig

    Schedule of program reviews

    Note that all programs are evaluated annually, the following is the multiyear review schedule

    Table 4. Four Year Instructional Program Review Cycle for Associate Degrees

    Spring 2018Spring 2019Spring 2020Spring 2021
    Liberal Arts/Health Career Opportunities ProgramLiberal ArtsBusiness AdministrationBuilding Technology
    Marine ScienceMicronesian StudiesComputer Information SystemsElectronic Technology
    Public HealthAgriculture and Natural ResourcesHospitality and Tourism ManagementTelecommunications Technology
    NursingGeneral EducationFMI Fishing TechnologyPre-Teacher Preparation
     FMI Navigation FMI Marine Engineering

    Table 4. Two Year Instructional Program Review Cycle for Certificates

    Spring 2018Spring 2019Spring 2020Spring 2021
    Nursing Assistant CertificateThird -year Techer PrepElementaryNursing Assistant CertificateThird -year Techer PrepElementary
    Basic Public HealthAgriculture and Food TechnologyBasic Public HealthAgriculture and Food Technology
    Third -year Specialist in Public HealthBookkeepingThird -year Specialist in Public HealthBookkeeping
    Community Health Assistant TrainingThird -year AccountingCommunity Health Assistant TrainingThird -year Accounting
    Trial CounselorThird -year General Business TTrial CounselorThird -year General Business T
    Building Maintenance and RepairSecretarial ScienceBuilding Maintenance and RepairSecretarial Science
    Cabinet Making/Furniture MakingCarpentryCabinet Making/Furniture MakingCarpentry
    Construction ElectricityMotor Vehicle MaintenanceConstruction ElectricityMotor Vehicle Maintenance
    Electronic Engineering TechnologyRefrigeration and Air ConditioningElectronic Engineering TechnologyRefrigeration and Air Conditioning
    ACE ACE 

    Table 7. Four Year Cycle for Administrative Unit Program Reviews

    Fall 2017Fall 2018Fall 2019Fall 2020
    Office of Institutional EffectivenessInformation TechnologyInstitutional Effectiveness and Quality AssuranceLearning Resources Center
    Comptroller and Financial ServicesFacilities and MaintenanceHuman ResourcesInstructional Affairs
    Campus Security and SafetyGuidance and CounselingFinancial AidAdmission and Records
    Student LifeAdministrative Services EEnrollment Management and Student ServicesCareer and Technical Education (Pohnpei Campus)
    Chuuk CampusKosrae CampusYap CampusFMI
     Centre for EntrepreneurshipPresident’s OfficeOffice of Institutional Advancement and External Affairs

    Actively engaged in meaningful institutional assessment since 1998.

    Photos from the 1998 Conference on Institutional Assessment, 21 May 1998 to 23 May 1998, Ladera Tower, Guam.

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