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Student Success Committee

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    Titles/Reps Name
    Chair Timothy Mamongon
    Vice Chair Francis Alex
    Secretary Cindy Edwin
    Chuuk campus staff Wilson Bisalen
    Chuuk campus faculty Ben Bambo Sr.
    FSM-FMI Rufus Yaisolug
    Kosrae campus staff Arthur Jonas
    Kosrae campus staff Meryulyn Livae
    National campus faculty Mike Ioanis
    National campus faculty Jothy John
    National campus faculty Dana Lee Ling
    National campus faculty Lloyd Yamada
    National campus staff Benina Ilon
    National campus staff Twyla Poll
    CTEC faculty Shirley Jano
    CTEC faculty Ben Voltaire Nato
    CTEC staff Sebastian Tairuwepiy
    Yap campus staff Cecilia Dibay
    Yap campus staff Susan Guarin
    SBA representative Virginia William
    SBA representative Leeson Linus
    Ex-Officio: Director Student Life Krystilyn Atkinson

    The Student Success Committee terms of reference include the following portfolio:

    • Draft or revise policies and/or procedures assigned to or identified by the committee relating to student life, counselling, tutoring, and collaborations between instructional, student support, student services, and other units in support of student success.
    • Review and provide input on all major documents relating to student life, counselling, tutoring, and other areas of student support.
    • Review and provide input on metrics such as retention, course completion rates, graduation rates, time to graduation, and other measures of student success and retention.
    • Review and provide input on major programs, projects, and initiatives related to student success and retention.

    Next meetings:
    13:00 Friday 17 March 2017
    13:00 Friday 14 April 2017

    [The Friday 14 April 2017 meeting may be delayed by a week and will be the meeting at which elections would be held for officers for the next academic year]

    Meetings are held at 1:00 P.M. Kosrae/Pohnpei time, 12:00 P.M. Chuuk/Yap time. At the Palikir national campus the location is usually in the board conference room.

    Student success is built of knowledge, actions, experiences, skills, and values. Students on a field trip learn the nutritional importance of local food.

    Students gaining career skills by presenting data in a statistics class.

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