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[BAC] About the Business Advisory Council

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    [THIS IS A WORKING DRAFT of some ideas that the program coordinator has put together as to how the Business Division envisions the nature and role of the Business Advisory Council.]

    Posted: October 8, 2012


    Business Advisory Council


    The Business Advisory Council (BAC) is an initiative of the Business Administration Division of the College of Micronesia–FSM to promote a partnership between local businesses/employers and the college, in line with its goal to establish a services network for community, workforce, and economic development.

    The BAC provides a vital service to the faculty and students of the Business Administration Division, through the advice and consultation it renders on issues related to current and future program offerings, curriculum design, mentoring of students, and internships, and in the efforts of the division to produce graduates who possess the requisite skills and abilities in the field of accounting, business, and computer information systems.

    Membership of BAC is composed of the Chair of the Business Administration Division and a maximum of 20 additional members mostly from the business sector.

    The Business Advisory Council provides members the opportunity to:

    • Serve as a sounding board for strategic plans and goals, projects, educational programs, and external activities of the Business Administration Division.

    • Provide feedback on our business, accounting, and computer information systems degree programs with regard to their relevance to organizations of the present and the future.

    • Provide advice, guidance, and assistance in placing graduates in career positions and internship opportunities.

    • Provide guidance and assistance in accomplishing new programs and initiatives.

    • Communicate the needs and requirements of the business community to ensure that our graduates develop the skills and abilities required for success.

    • Provide assistance and advice in acquiring resources in the business community to support the mission and objectives of the Business Administration Division.


    The BAC provides many advantages to its business partners, including:

    • Access to a diverse pool of applicants
    • A forum for employers to discuss their workforce needs
    • Networking opportunities

    In return, the business sector provides:

    • Employment and career opportunities
    • Information on job openings
    • Workforce advice from the employers' perspective.


    The BAC meets once a year.


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