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    RAFAEL PULMANO, CPA, MBA, is an associate professor at the Business Division of the College of Micronesia–FSM.  Before joining COM-FSM in 2006, he was college instructor of Accounting and Management courses in the Philippines, worked as Administrative Officer and Corporate Planning Head of a development bank, and served as General Manager of foreign business consulting and coordinating firms.



    • Teaches business and accounting courses at the National Campus
    • Teaches part-time Introduction to Art course at the Pohnpei Campus
    • Adviser of the Young Executives Society (YES!)
    • Member of the Student Life Advisory Council
    • Served as lead person and co-author of COM's budget manual
    • Served as program coordinator for the A.S. Business Administration
    • Served as secretary of the Faculty/Staff Senate for two consecutive terms
    • Served as Vice chair of the Facilities and Campus Environment Committee
    • Served as member of the Finance Committee
    • Was former President and Board Member of Samahang Tagalog Atbp. sa Ponape (STAP)
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