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AS Business Administration

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    Coordinator: Rafael Pulmano



    1963 Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands and University of Hawaii create Micronesian Teacher Education Center (MTEC) to provide in-service teacher training.

    1970 MTEC becomes Community College of Micronesia (CCM).

    1974 CCM adds associate degree programs in business management.

    1989 Associate of science degree program in accounting is added.

    1992 FSM establishes COM-FSM as a public corporation.

    1993 CCM becomes COM-FSM, independent from the three-country COM system.

    2001 Third-year certificate of achievement programs in accounting and in business administration are approved for implementation.

    2002 New associate of science degree program in business administration replaces current associate of science degree programs in business administration and in accounting.

    2004 All programs and courses modified to include expected student learning outcomes.

    2005 Articulation agreement entered into with University of Guam on the third-year programs in accounting and general business.


    OTHER DEVELOPMENTS (Source: Coordinator's Notes)

    2009 Program review for A.S. Business Administration completed and submitted to Director of Academic Programs.

    2010 As a result of a program evaluation made in February 2009, the program was modified, reducing the Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) from nine to five, and increasing the graduation requirements from 68 to 70 credits with the addition of lecture-lab hours in Accounting I and Accounting II.

    2011 Program review for A.S. Business Administration completed and submitted to Director of Academic Programs.

    2012 Rafael Pulmano was officially designated as program coordinator for the Associate of Science in Business Administration. Other developments:

    • February - March: PDF copies of program reviews and Worksheets #1, 2, and 3 uploaded to the program wiki.

    • March 9: The Young Executives Society (YES!) was formed. Among its purposes are: 'To promote business administration programs at the College of Micronesia – FSM to four year level to enable students to earn bachelor's degree in business administration,' and, 'To promote COM-­FSM as the recruiting ground for public and private sector employers interested in the recruitment of students who successfully completed their studies in the field of business administration.'
    • August 24: Draft of letter to prospective members of the soon-to-be reactivated Business Advisory Council (BAC) was discussed during Business Division meeting and submitted to division chair for approval, along with a partial list of business establishments who would be invited to join the advisory group.
    • September 5: New officers and state representatives were elected by the Young Executives Society (YES!) for the academic year 2012-2013.
    • September 17: First BAC meeting, originally set on October 2, 2012, was moved to October 23, 2012 to allow the division more time for preparation.
    • September 23:  Worksheet #1 and Worksheet #2 for assessment period Fall 2012 - Spring 2013 were uploaded to this program wiki.
    • October 8: Added the following documents to the program wiki:
    • October 23: First annual meeting of the reactivated Business Advisory Council was held at the Wall Mart Steak House & Bar in Kolonia, Pohnpei.
    • October 26: News release of the October 23 event published in the college website.
    • October 31: Had meeting with Christopher Ross Perkins, chair of the Languages and Literature Division. Discussed possible collaboration involving programs based on feeback and recommendations from the Business Advisory Council.
    • December 10: Uploaded latest version of Program Matrix.
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