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    Terms of Reference



    The Facilities and Campus Environment Committee operates through the authority of, and reports to, the President. Recommendations from the committee are submitted through the Director of Maintenance then through the Vice President for Administrative Services (VPAS) for approval by the Executive Committee, President and the Board of Regents as needed.




    The Facilities and Campus Environment Committee makes recommendations on matters relating to the physical plant, learning environment, facilities planning, transportations, campus beautification, landscaping andinfrastructure maintenance, emergencypreparedness, and accessibility issues.



    The members of the Facilities and Campus Environment Committee are selected at the beginning of each academic year and must include at least:


    • One faculty representative from each of the six sites
    • One staff representative from each of the six sites


    The Director of Maintenance is a nonvoting ex-officio member of the committee.


    The Facilities and Campus Environment Committee will elect from its membership: a chair, a vice-chair, and a secretary.  The Office of Maintenance is the secretariat for the Facilities and Campus Environment Committee.


    Responsibilities of committee members are to:


    • Carry out assignments
    • Regularly prepare for and attend committee meetings
    • Actively participate in meetings
    • Share information on committee discussions, recommendations and decisions with, and gather input from, their area of representation




    Officersare elected at the first meeting in May. If no meeting occurs in May, then officers are electedat the first meeting held after the month of May. Officers remain as officers-elect for two years. The officers-elect are inaugurated as the committee officers at the end of a transition and training session to be held before the second meeting of the school year.


    The responsibilities of the chairperson are to:


    • Preside over meetings
    • Ensure the terms of reference for the committee are met and matters brought before the committee are judiciously addressed
    • Prepare and distribute the agenda at least one working day prior to the meeting
    • Ensure committee minutes, reports, and recommendations are completed and appropriately disseminated in a timely manner


    The responsibilities of the vice-chairperson are to:


    • Preside over meetings in the absence of the chair
    • Assist the chairperson with the above responsibilities


    The responsibilities of the secretary are to:


    • Take and prepare accurate minutes
    • Distributeminutes electronically for review by members within three working days
    • Assist the chairperson as required
    • Record attendance of committee members
    • Post approved minutes on the WIKI


    Meetingsare held at least once a month.  The schedule is determined at the beginning of each academic term.  Meetings may be held face-to-face or via teleconferences or other communication technologies.


    A quorum is formed by presence of at least one officer or his designee, plus four or more members. 


    A simple majority vote of all members is required to act on a motion.   Electronic voting may be utilized when necessary.  When electronic voting is used, results thereof are to be documented in the next committee meeting minutes. 


    A working group consistsof a subset of the members of the committeeand/or members from outside the committee. It iscreated by the chairperson to respond to a specific challenge.  If a working group is required, working group meetings are held as needed for the duration of the task.  The working groups report results to the full committee. 



    The responsibilities of the Facilities and Campus Environment Committee are to:


    • Develop or revise policies and/or procedures assigned to or identified by the committee;
    • Review and provide input on all major documents relating to facilities and campus environment, such as facilities’ master plan, maintenance plan, transportation issues, emergency management plan, campus beautification plan, etc.;
    • Review and provide input on the infrastructure development master plan annually;
    • Review major renovation and or building requests;
    • Review and provide input on standards and specifications for infrastructure, equipment and procurement procedures;
    • Review assessments/evaluations of facilities and campus environment and make recommendations.



    To ensure broad participation and input from the college community, agenda items can be submitted to the chairperson by the members of cabinet, college standing committees, faculty, staff, students, the Student Body Association, the Faculty Staff Senate, and the president.


    • All meetings will have preliminary notes distributed within seven days.
    • Minutes will be distributed electronically within three working daysof the meeting to members for their review. 
    • Members are to comment within the next five working days. 
    • The minutes will be officially adopted at the next meeting.  The secretary of the committee then distributes the official minutes to all committee members.
    • The chairperson shall provide publicly releasable information to the college web master for posting on the college web site.


    The Maintenance Office maintains a file on official Facilities and Campus Environment Committee minutes.


    Drafts: 05 April 2011, 06 September 2011.

    Final draft: 09 November 2011.

    Revised: 01 October 2012, 05 January 2014

    By: Director of Maintenance, and Security, Chair Facilities and Campus Environment Committee

    Revised:  15 March 2018

    Revised: 7 February 2019

    Revised  September 6, 2019 and Adopted November 1, 2019

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