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Standing Committee Meeting Times

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    Committees will determine the number of times they shall meet in their new TORs.  Biweekly or monthly-- and as necessary. Some committees can do business once per month, and others, such as Curriculum and Assessment have much work to do and shall need to meet bi-weekly. 















    Cabinet 9AM-12Noon (President and Vice Presidents only).

    Curriculum and Assessment Committee (CAC) 1 – 2PM


    Management Team

    2-3PM (set membership: directors and Deans)

    Recruitment, Admissions, Retention Committee (RAR) 1-2PM



    Facilities and Campus Environment Committee 1-2PM

    Student Success Committee 1-2PM (on a Friday FCE does not meet)


    Information and Communications Technology Committee 3-4PM


    Human Resources Committee 3 – 4PM

    Executive Committee (EC) 2-3PM  

    (Set membership, you have representatives through Council of Chairs, Management Team, Faculty/Staff Senate President, and Student Body Association)t 

    *EC schedule might change based on member schedules for AY 15-16

    Finance Committee 4-5PM





    Financial Aid (Federal Guidelines).  Individuals will still have to be appointed to this committee and that will work through the Financial Aid director.

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