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Registration Data

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    Extract of student registration information


    This extract contains student registration information.


    Office of Admissions and Records




    Term (required) - Registration term

    Campus (optional) - Section campus

    Cohort (optional) - Student Cohort group 


    One record per student registration is produced, unique by identity, term and section, or by identity, term, subject, courseNum and sectionNum.

    The section column uniquely identifies each specific section and should be used when relating Registration Data to Section Data.

    Records are included regardless of registration status. To limit to currently enrolled students, use the enrolled column in the extract, which contains a Y/N value as determined by registration status, to indicate whether the record represents an enrolled student (Y) or other condition such as a drop or cancel (N).

    The first row in the CSV file contains column names. Values are enclosed in double quotes and are comma-separated. 


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