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Data Extracts

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    Raw data from various modules of the database is available for exporting as CSV files for use with external tools for analysis and reporting.

    When relating information contained in the various extracts, care must be taken to join rows using all relevant columns. Each extract's description includes the set of columns required to uniquely identify a row. Student Data and GPA Data, for example, are unique by identity and term. When combining data from these extracts, the data must be joined using both columns.

    The identity column in person- or student-related extracts is a unique number identifying a specific person in the database, distinct from their ID number. It is not visible or accessible in any other forms or reports.

    The section column in Section and Registration Data is a unique number identifying a section in the class schedule. It will not repeat, even when the term changes. Like the identity column, it is not visible on any other forms or reports.

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