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Term Control

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    Term Control

    Summary Information about each term, and controls for online and SIS registration
    Maintainer Office of Admissions and Records
    Source Office of Admissions and Records
    Affects Registration, Online Registration
    Affected By  
    Requirements Term codes must be defined on the Term validation form; new term codes cannot be defined on this form


    The Allow Registration checkbox controls Registration form in SIS; it has no effect on online registration

    Full Time Credit Hours is used to determine full- and part-time status for purposes of fee assessment

    Maximum credit hours and Maximum section count define limits for online registration only

    Fee Payment Deadline limits access to online registration when a student hasn't made a payment on the account for the current term. If payment hasn't been made, registration activity is only allowed until this date. Removal of registration records for non-paid students is performed by the Reg fee non-pay report (part of the A/R module).

    Three online registration periods can be defined for each term. They will appear in the Online Registration form when they are within six months of the current date (future times only). Date ranges may overlap, but not all periods will be displayed in online registration when this occurs.

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