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    Student Registration

    Summary Student registration, by term
    Maintainer Office of Admissions and Records
    Source Office of Admissions and Records
    Affected By Class schedule, student record

    The term must be defined to allow registration or the registration block will be disabled.

    Students must have a Student record present for the term in which registration is to occur; the registration form will not create new student records. A student's academic standing may prohibit registration as well; their current standing is displayed in the Student Data block. Setting the Standing Override on the Student form to an academic standing configured to allow registration will enable registration to occure on this form.

    Holds may prohibit registration; they are displayed on the right side of the Student Data block.

    Registration records that have been rolled to academic history can not be altered. They will be displayed read-only.


    Sections of courses are identified by entering a subject, course number, and section number. Subject and course number combinations are validated against the course catalog. Sections are suggested after a subject and course have been entered, and include section number, title, campus, and section status.

    Enr and Max are the current and maximum enrollment, respectively, for each section.

    CR (credits) must be between the minimum and maximum credits specified for the section. The minimum credits for the section is automatically filled in when a section is entered.

    GM (grading mode) must be from those specified for the section (the default grading mode will be supplied) or GR (Graded) if no grading modes are specified in the section definition.

    Specifying a registration status of WD or WL will automatically supply the current date as a withdraw date (when submitted) or a date may be supplied on the form.

    An override (Ov) is necessary to allow registration when any of the following conditions apply:

    • Section enrollment has reached maximum allowed
    • Section status does not allow registration
    • A time conflict exists with another registered section
    Registration status will automatically be changed to Dropped for registrations that result in time conflicts, or when section enrollment has been exceeded.


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