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    Action Items

    Current list of SIS issues to be developed or resolved (for a list of completed items see Resolved Issues)

    Date Created Type Module Description Assigned To Last Action
    01 Mar 2013 New Report Student Report of students who were enrolled in a course that is a pre-requisite for a future registration, who then failed to pass the class, thus didn't meet the pre-req requirement; run by advisor K. Girrard Combined with pre-requisite grade requirement; installed in development database (21 Nov 2013)
    01 Apr 2013 Enhancement Student Some pre-requisites have a required grade, not just passing. Need ability to specify grade required to satisfy pre-requisites, and evaluate that requirement everywhere pre-requisite checks occur. K. Girrard Combined with non-complete pre-requisite report; installed in development database (21 Nov 2013)
    01 Mar 2013 Enhancement Core E-mail distribution lists by campus or other grouping; need to define lists and identify method to create each (how identified in the data model) K. Girrard Initial coding complete (11 Dec 2013); need changes to Mailing List form?
    01 Apr 2013 Bug A/R Aging report balances don't agree when run for all campuses vs. total for each individual campus K. Girrard Changed how student campus was selected for each account; balances changed, but still didn't agree
    16 May 2013 Modification A/R Account Balance report needs to show a distribution by campus when run for all campuses, and be available in CSV (Excel) format K. Girrard  
    20 May 2013 New Feature All Ability to combine data from duplicate ID records    
    20 May 2013 Enhancement Student UOG shouldn't appear on official transcripts; possible to code for non-COM courses and skip? GPA would need recalculated for transcripts modified by this change    
    11 Jun 2013 New Report FA Report of posted FA awards by range of dates and transaction code (optional) with totals    
    2 Jul 2013 Documentation Student Forms and processes for Online Registration need documented K. Girrard  
    5 Nov 2013 Enhancement Student Course pre-requisites should be combinable in and/or groups (default is and, so need to be able to specify groups that are combined with or) K. Girrard Combined with pre-requisite grade requirement; installed in development database (21 Nov 2013)
    15 Dec 2013 Enhancement Student Modify SOR report to purge registrations on non-payment of REG fee to send e-mail prior to actual purge date (this could also be a new report if simpler) K. Girrard  



    In Firefox version 3 (and later), printing of on-screen reports (e.g. IDP Report, Online Transcript) that are more than one page long may produce second and subsequent pages that are formatted incorrectly.


    The Acrobat PDF plug-in is not compatible with the SIS database software. Requesting a report will display a window with the message "Invalid request." You can disable the plug-in by opening Acrobat Reader and deselecting Display PDF in browser using Adobe Reader from Internet preferences. Newer releases of Acrobat Reader require that the plug-in be relocated to a "disabled" directory; a discussion of the problem, with detailed instructions, can be viewed here. Safari has built-in support for display of PDF documents, so the Acrobat plug-in is not required.

    The Check Batch form doesn't update displayed records after printing of checks because the window.onload event is not being fired after the report window is rendered. A cross-platform solution is available that utilizes the readystate flag for Webkit-based browsers.

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