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    Table of contents
    1. 1. Accounts
    2. 2. LDAP
    3. 3. IMAP
    4. 4. RSS

    Various external services can be managed directly from the SIS. This documentation descibes the integration with those services, and how to properly configure the SIS for their use.


    Access to the SIS and other services is controlled by combining basic information about each user with a list of services they have access to. Those relationships and their management is detailed in:


    Essentially another database, LDAP can be managed by the SIS based on content within the SIS database. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is commonly used for authentication, as well as directory information.

    The configuration for LDAP is a combination of information about the LDAP server, and service-specific descriptions for the top-level structure of the LDAP database:


    Integration with the Cyrus IMAP server is supported in combination with LDAP:

    1. IMAP Server
    2. IMAP Account maintenance


    Through the News Item and Campus News form, the SIS generates an RSS feed that can be used by any RSS 2.0 compatible news reader.

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