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Administrative Services

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    Department Mission Statement:   The Department of  Administrative Services mission is to:

    •  Invest  in sufficient, qualified, and effective human resources;
    • create an adequate working and learning environment;
    • ensure sufficient and well-managed fiscal resources and maintain financial stability; and
    • ensure continuous improvement based on planning and assessment of programs and services.

    There are three divisions in the department each having its own assessment plans and reports from 2008 to 2012.  The Vice President for Administrative Services reviews each divisions' assessment plans and reports and summarizes it in the form of recommendations to be used for budget planning and reports required for the college.    The department has three divisions, the Business Office Division, the Human Resources Divsision, and the Maintenance and Security Division.  The assessment plans and reports in 2008, 2009, and 2010 were prepared within the framework of the past organizational structure.  There has been two changes in the college organization structure since 2009.    The 2012 Assessment Reports were done when another restructuring of the college took place.  Many of the objectives stated in the Worksheet #1 and #2 may be varied and measured differently to adjust to the new changes.  However, the recommendations made for the 2012 Assessment Report reflects the current 2012 organizational structure which will be used in the implementation of the 2013 budget and formulation of the 2014 annual  budget .

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