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Administrative Unit Assessments & Reviews

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    Program Contact Person
    President's Office Hadleen Hadley and Norma Edwin
    Enrollment Management and Student Services VP Joey Oducado
    Student Life Krystilyn Atkinson
    Admissions and Records Doman Daoas
    Fincancial AId Faustino Yarofaisug 
    Guidance and Counseling Penselynn Sam
    Campus Security and Safety Terry Marcus
    Administrative Services VP Joseph Habuchmai
    Comptroller and FInancial Services Roselle Baring Togonon
    Facilities and Maintenance Francisco Mendiola
    Human Resources Rencelly Nelson
    Development and Community Relations Office has been absored into IT office
    Office of Institutional Effectiveness VPIEQA
    Information Technology Director of Information Technology
    Instructional Services VPIA Karen Simion
    Learning Resources Center  Jennifer Hainrick
    Career and Techincal Education Grilly Jack
    Academic Programs Maria Dison
    Cooperative Research and Extension VPIA Karen Simion
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