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MIP Feed

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    A/R Transaction feed to MIP

    Summary Release of cleared cashiering sessions, and report that generates a CSV file for import of journal vouchers into MIP
    Maintainer Business Office
    Source Account entries from cleared cashiering sessions, application of payments
    Affected By Transaction codes and Distribution data, A/R accounts, cashiering sessions
    Requirements Every defined Transaction code must also have Distribution data; this report will halt with an error if Distribution data is missing.

    Each feed is assigned a Session ID of the form SISYYYYMMDD-nn where nn is a number starting at 01 and incremented for each feed produced on a given day.

    To create a new feed containing all previously unfed transactions, leave the Session ID field blank.

    To re-create the CSV file for a feed created previously (e.g. after correcting distribution data) enter the feed's Session ID. The Session ID field will suggest known values.

    Each JV entry in the feed originates from either entries on accounts or application of payments, but not both. This allows the source of each JV to be traced back consistently.

    All export files are produced with the same name, SIStrans.CSV, to prevent the MIP import definition file from needing modified repeatedly.


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